Malibu Solstice Vineyards


Malibu Solstice update - Please accept our sincerest apologies that due to the wildfires in Malibu and surrounding areas, we are forced to close Malibu Solstice until early 2019. The Malibu Solstice residence luckily is intact and did not burn, however all the perimeter structures as well as landscaping, vehicles, power poles and access roads were affected. We are happy to report that we are already in the restoration process and our venue will be available early 2019 for event reservations. Thank you and please contact me with any questions. - Barry Cohen - Event Coordinator 818-338-3636

Our vineyard saved the estate.  We will replant and restore to it’s former glory in a hurry!


2700 Mar Vista Ridge, Malibu CA 90265