Weddings at MSV

To our booked 2016 brides, please give us a holla to book your final walk throughs with our Estate Staff. Even if you aren't a MSV bride, you should be making sure you get this on your planner's calendar.  It's the essential last step to make sure everything at your venue is 100% per your own plan! 

Here are some of the questions we take during this walk through...feel free to use these for your meeting.  It's such great peace of mind to get these last questions answered at least 30 days before your wedding day.

This is what we ask/tell our clients:

What time will you and your bridal party be arriving? The fellas? Are you doing a first look?

Are you coming ready or do you need to change?  Please do not plan on doing hair and makeup here, just touch ups.

Please give us a list of all of your vendors, copies of their insurance with COI's naming MSV as additionally insured. 

We need your timeline!  When is the first vendor arriving? How many vendors? Have they scouted the venue? If not we need to do a scout with them immediately so they understand the details of the estate. 

Who is the main contact in your bridal party? And your event planner's information please?



At MSV we have on site coordinators at all times. This may or may not be the case at your venue. Make sure you ask who is the main point of contact at your venue for the entire day, including load in and load out, and trash removal!


-Malibu Solstice Vineyards