We've found our new favorite music!

Finding music for your wedding can be almost as stressful as the venue search. Really. Music and the team that manages the wedding day schedule music be in sync with every piece, your planner and be able to make changes on the spot to keep the party moving. Try not to book a regular band for your event, I mean, I'm sure they sound amazing in your favorite bar or club, but event musicians are special. Event musicians know how to work with your planner and vendors, they can calm down the clients or change up a set list so that the dancefloor stays packed. People typically won't remember what they had to eat at your wedding, but they probably will remember if the music was crappy. 

So here comes a new favorite of ours, Aaron Durr. Not only is his voice yummy but his live entertainment is show stopping. Click here, www.aarondurr.com/events, 323-902-7405